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The LOVE list for Feb 7th, 2017:

Hi there, How you doing? What's happening? It's a new year and we are all well on our way towards our 2017 goals of being smarter, stronger, healthier, and all around cooler, right? I tip my hat to you. I have no doubt that you're killing it. I wanted to share a few of my favorite discoveries over the past week. These are the gold nuggets personally coronated to be the 'bees-knees" in my corner of the world. Enjoy, comment, or protest at will. It's short but hopefully at least one thing will enhance your week. Am I missing something? I'm all ears; please share. Hugs and passport stamps, Lisa

Stranglers, an original 12-part weekly podcast, is a fascinating (but graphic) investigation of the Boston Strangler story.

My fingers are crossed for Arrival to win an Oscar. I'm such a softy... I cried at the end. What are your picks?

Steal alert. Booked this with $389 airfare. They will love the Ocean Front Two Story Rooftop Terrace Suite with Plunge Pool. So jealous!

Loving the free Overdrive app. It connects to your local library for ebooks and audiobooks to sync up on your phone.

Fabulous booking of the week: Girls Getaway to Antigua! Say hi to Alistair, Gina and Prince Harry for me!

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