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Bespoke, hand-crafted itineraries that are as individual as you are. Inspired, Imaginative and  Sophisticated.

Meaningful Travel,
Thoughtfully planned.

Time is nonrefundable. Use it well.

We believe in the transformational power of travel. It's an integral part of creating a life you love. We excel in crafting unique experiences that delight, inspire, and reinvigorate you long after your trip ends.


Our expertise allows us to offer truly bespoke experiences to our clients. We specialize in tailor-made itineraries, which are the culmination of invaluable partnerships and years of experience. We collaborate with local experts on our in-depth itineraries to ensure every experience is superb.


Details matter. The experience is everything. You can expect the best.

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Sample Itineraries

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Greece Island Hopper

Athens | Mykonos | Paros | Santorini 

Feast your eyes on Santorini sunsets draped over the sea, soak in the abundant charm of Mykonos, and stroll the quaint streets of Paros and Antiparos. 

mykonos-beach (1).jpeg

New Zealand:

Wine, Fjords & Milford Sound

Auckland | Waiheke Island | Queenstown 

Savor vintage wines on an exclusive tour of beautiful Waiheke Island, picnic in the rugged hills of Wanaka, and experience Milford Sound by air and sea. 

Milford Sound.jpeg
Antartic Cruise.jpeg
arctic cruise 1.jpeg
arctic cruise 2.jpeg

Cruise to The North Pole

Norway to 700kms at sea - The North Pole

Lying on the Earth's rotational axis, at the intersection of all meridians, is the Geographical North Pole. Plunged into darkness for six months of the year, then lit by the sun for the following six months, this mythical site, permanently covered in ice and remote from any land, has fascinated generations of explorers. 

Spitsbergen is the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, its name meaning "pointed mountains" in German, and is the last piece of land before the Arctic ice floe.

Between millennial glaciers and rugged mountains, you will discover a jagged coastline, hollowed-out by fjords. 

Enjoy the absolutely unique experience of sailing to the heart of the ice floe, this vast expanse of virgin, immaculate ice.

South Africa Family Safari & Coast

Cape Town | Johannesburg | Madikwe Game Reserve

Search for penguins & shipwrecks along the scenic shores of the Cape Peninsula.


Ascend to the top of the Table Mountain & explore Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard with a private guide.

Embark on a luxury safari adventure in Madikwe Game Reserve.

Stay at a handpicked selection of accommodations and safari camps.

south africa safari 1.jpeg
African Safari.jpeg

Let's get started. 
Please include as much detail about your dream trip as possible. Don't forget to include a good phone number. 

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